My Shoe Journey (Part 3): Europe Trip – London & Paris

London was the first trip I'd ventured alone--the trip itself was a shock to my family and relatives, who have implacable fears about solo excusions. Mexico, Canada, and Taiwan were the only other countries I had been to, and I didn't know what to expect in London. I arrived at Gatwick airport, and after deciding … Continue reading My Shoe Journey (Part 3): Europe Trip – London & Paris

Pretend “Bespoke” Shoemakers

Photo: Last-makers use guillotines to carve wooden bespoke lasts; photo credit: V&A Museum ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Bespoke shoemaking is a lengthy process that entails 60-80+ hours of work. First, a shoemaker takes your measurements; then a wooden last is made, either by the shoemaker or an experienced last-maker. The last must accommodate your specific measurements. Just as … Continue reading Pretend “Bespoke” Shoemakers